Top 10 SEO Keyword Research Tools for Startups in 2024

Top 10 SEO Keyword Research Tools for Startups in 2024

Which are the top SEO Keyword Research Tools for Startups in 2024?

If you are willing to begin your startup journey, this question must be lingering in your mind. The digital landscape is getting more fast-paced as we are approaching 2024. The online market is already vast and saturated. In this situation, a startup needs good strategy and proper SEO methods to build the first pillar of success.

Keyword research has always been a crucial point of Search Engine Optimization. It helps businesses to find the relevant keywords and phrases to use for Search Engine Optimization.

Here, in this article, we will talk about the top 10 SEO Keyword Research Tools that can help startups to meet their needs in 2024. These tools have the power to find the right keywords to optimize and create some finest content. This content can help to outrank the competitors and pull your startup to a higher position on search results.

What is an SEO Keyword Research Tool?

An SEO Keyword Research tool is one kind of software that assists in identifying keywords that users write on search engines to look for something. These keywords can be words or phrases. Finding the right keywords are important for SEO experts, business owners, and digital marketing experts. These tools keep popularity, competitiveness, and relevance to people’s interest under consideration and find the perfect keywords relevant to their niche.

SEO keyword research tools not only provide keyword suggestions. They also show search volume data, level of competition, show competitor and trend analysis. If you can use these tools properly, you can find the most relevant and valuable keywords to enhance your website’s search engine ranking and drive qualified traffic to the site.

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Top 10 SEO Keyword Research Tools for Startups in 2024: You Can Use

3Google Keyword Planner8.5Google Keyword Planner
7Keywords Everywhere7.5Keywords Everywhere
10Long Tail Pro7Long Tail Pro

Here, we will discuss the details, pros and cons of the top 10 SEO Keyword Research Tools for Startups in 2024-


SEMrush Keyword Research Tool

Website: SEMrush

SEMRUSH is a popular keyword research tool that has over 20 billion keywords in their database. They continuously update their database and keep it relevant. You can classify the keywords by SERP attributes, search intent, kind of query, subject, and so on.

This keyword tool is appropriate for professionals who need detailed examination of the queries they explore, especially if the topic is niche-specified

SEMRUSH provides several criteria to assist you explore billions of keywords- relevant language, search volume, queries, search intent, density of keywords etc. The pros and cons of this tool are-


  • Databases include almost 20 billion terms.
  • Free 10 query searches each day
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Necessary metrics


  • There is no clear price information on the website.

Score: 9.5/10

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Keyword Research Tools

Website: Ahrefs

Ahrefs Keyword Research Tool is one of the most widely advertised. The tool delivers unique and relevant data analysis for keywords. They deliver the most recent statistics based on the latest data. Its keyword difficulty score is always correct. Also, this tool may provide over 1,000 ideas for a single query.

This tool is gaining people’s trust in over 170 countries.  Ahrefs displays the amount of backlinks your website will require to rank on top of the search result. This information can change a website’s strategy and help to get outstanding results. The pros and cons of this tool are-


  • Updated and valuable information
  • Competitor’s keywords
  • Precise database


  • Pricing is quite higher than others

Score: 9/10

3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner Keyword Research Tools

Website: Google Keyword Planner

If your strategy is focused on paid SEO, keyword research is a crucial component. You can take help from a free keyword research tool – Google Keyword Planner (GKP).

It can generate fresh keyword ideas, project potential traffic, and determine how challenging it would be to rank such terms in Google search results.

You may locate and explore keywords to target for your website with help of Google Keyword Planner. Also, you can discover how frequently people search for a term, how competitive it is, and other relevant keywords by using this tool. The pros and cons of this tool are-


  • It’s absolutely free.
  • It is great for local and service-based businesses.


  • You won’t find information about trends.

Score: 8.5/10

4. MOZ

Moz Keyword Research Tools

Website: MOZ

People consider MOZ Keyword Research Tool to be incredibly intelligent. It is great at finding out lateral keywords. These words are those which directly don’t relate to the subject but you may use these terms as keywords.

This tool has the capacity to find several niche-specific suggestions you had never even considered.

Organic CTR is one of the Keyword Explorer by MOZ’s interesting metrics. The system is programmed in a way that it can determine if your click-through rate (CTR) will be enough by analyzing the keyword for adverts, knowledge graphs, news results, etc. The pros and cons of this tool-


  • You won’t have to worry about lateral keywords
  • Shows the rate of clicks
  • Free-trial for 30 days
  • Considers your competitor


  • Quite expensive
  • Not beginner-friendly

Score: 8.5/10

5. SpyFu

Spyfu Keyword Research Tools

Website: SpyFu

For good reason, SpyFu is included among the top resources for SEO keyword research. It works well for people who prioritize beating their rivals. With the tool, you can assess which websites are fighting for top spot in a specific search engine result page. You will find out crucial phrases that your rivals may have overlooked and get to the top more quickly.

This keyword research tool’s value is on historical data that shows you the keyword’s relative popularity over time. The pros and cons of this tool is-


  • Provides keywords after analyzing rivals
  • Data history helps to examine each query
  • Affordable search
  • Comparison with competitor’s terms


  • Focuses on US and UK ratings
  • Not beginner-friendly

Score: 8/10

6. Majestic

Majestic Keyword Research Tools

Website: Majestic

Majestic is an extremely helpful SEO software. It assists you in monitoring the health of your website on search engines over time.

The most basic plan has keyword functionality. Special features for bulk research and API integration are available in the more advanced variants. They provide keyword checker, custom reports, backlink history tools for what customers appreciate this tool.

If you want to do more research than just keyword research, this is a great option. It can assist you with all aspects of content creation, including backlink optimization and planning. The pros and cons are-


  • Exceptionally good onsite analysis report
  • User-friendly keyword research tool


  • SEO reports may have missing data

Score: 7.5/10

7. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere Keyword Research Tools

Website: Keywords Everywhere

You can think about trying Keywords Everywhere if you’ve been searching for an easy-to-use keyword tool. This tool has the capacity to actually give you the necessary keywords to help you rank your website.

The volume, CPC, and competitiveness for each keyword are displayed on the right. But this tool’s biggest benefit is its capacity to offer a ton of recommendations.

The Keywords Everywhere can analyze competitors. You can particularly focus on those associated with the search keyword you are aiming for. The result you get after the analysis can help you decide which keywords to employ. The pros and cons of this tool are-


  • Show competition for key phrases
  • Quite affordable
  • Shows trends, difficulty, and relevant metrics
  • Great data visualization


  • May provide lesser data compared to similar tools

Score: 7.5/10

8. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tools

Website: Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest has slowly turned into the SEO industry’s favorite. They have found this huge database so you can find the best keywords to improve your website’s ranking.

You can find good SEO-friendly topics and keywords using this tool. Also, Ubersuggest can help you generate content ideas, analyze your competitors and find backlinks and keywords for your website. The pros and cons of this tool-


  • Sends you report about the issues on your website
  • Their keywords are very precise and mostly correct
  • Tracks your website’s performance


  • Limited competitor analysis

Score: 7.5/10

9. Soovle

Soovle Keyword Research Tools

Website: Soovle

You can use Soovle for its vast keyword research functionality. They provide a user-friendly platform so that you can find relevant keywords from their huge database.

Soovle provides you the opportunity to filter keywords by search volume, CPC, language and region. Also, this tool gathers long-tail keywords from the major keywords using different algorithms. Lastly, they have an option where you can see how well your website is ranking compared to competitor’s website. The pros and cons of this tool are-


  • Efficient performance analysis
  • Good database for semantic keywords
  • Affordable plans with customer support
  • User-friendly platform


  • Slow response time
  • Can process NLP content optimization

Score: 7/10

10. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tools

Website: Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro has slowly turned into the SEO industry’s favorite. Their keywords are longer and typically less competitive. This is the main target of Long Tail Pro. They gather high-value keywords so that you can level up your content creation game.

Based on seed keywords, Long Tail Pro provides useful SEO research tools for specialty keywords. They do detailed research and bring out the best result. The user interface is clearly laid out and simple to use. All things considered, both experienced and inexperienced can benefit using this application. The pros and cons of this tool-


  • You can get keywords in stack
  • Their keywords are very precise and mostly correct


  • The research amount is limited.

Score: 7/10


Researching keywords is an essential part of any effective SEO plan. Through the utilization of these ten best keyword research tools, you may learn a great deal about user intent, competition, and search trends.

Don’t forget to select the tool that best meets your unique requirements and objectives. You can optimize your website, draw in organic visitors, and improve your search engine ranks with the correct keywords at your disposal.

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