About Aorongojab Samrat

About Aorongojab Samrat

Welcome, I’m Aorongojab Samrat, your potential SEO partner. With over 4 years of experience, I’ve honed my skills in various aspects of SEO, helping numerous businesses secure top rankings on Google search pages. My expertise has directly contributed to their online visibility and success.

With my years of experience, I aim to become one of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh, and I wish to use my knowledge and skills to help you.

SEO has always been my passion, even before I completed my M.B.A. at Gov’t B.L. College. I knew it was my future career. My M.B.A. education has only enhanced my ability to assist clients in their digital marketing endeavors, ensuring they benefit from my comprehensive understanding of the field.

When it comes to my career backstory, I can tell you that it’s diverse. Over the years, I have enjoyed working with numerous local and international clients who have done business in multiple industries. Like every other person, my journey had its pitfalls and setbacks.

I have been working at Khan IT on various SEO projects for many well-known companies.

I started to work as a Junior SEO Executive. Still, after some time I was promoted to Senior SEO Executive and now I am one of Khan IT’s project managers. During this time I worked on SEO projects for:

  • IFAD Group
  • ITS Holidays Ltd.
  • Posh Garments
  • Legal Advice BD
  • SMMSun
  • Stealth Windshield Repair

Before and after starting my career path I earned multiple certifications from institutes that helped me better myself and my skills. Some of these certificates are:

  • Certified Freelancer from the Department of Youth Development
  • Completed Local SEO Masterclass Training from Khan IT
  • Completed Search Engine Optimization Training from Khan IT

My mission or vision is to ensure that I do my part in helping businesses more easily and effectively boost their online presence. Currently, Bangladesh is seeing a great increase in interest in SEO. And businesses both big and small, local and multinational are looking to invest in SEO as well.

If you’re a business aiming to see your brand at the top of Google and other search engine pages, I’m eager to share my expertise with you. Together, we can pave the way for your business’s future success.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you want to learn more about how I can help you with SEO. I’m here to help you reach your goals.

Academic Education

My Academic Journey: A Pursuit of Knowledge and Excellence, Shaping a Promising Future Through Dedicated Learning and Achievement.


Rotary School


Azam Khan Gov’t Commerce College


Gov’t Bagerhat P.C College


Gov’t B.L College


An SEO Expert With Proven Strategies, Boosting Online Visibility and Driving Businesses to New Heights.

Professional Certificate

certificate local SEO masterclass
certificate search engine optimization


Search Engine Optimization
Content marketing
Facebook Ads
YouTube SEO

Business growth

Harnessing the Power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Expand Online Presence, Attract More Customers, and Achieve Sustainable Success in the Digital Landscape.

organic keywords client business growth
organic keywords client business growth
search console business growth
organic traffic client business growth

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